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Civil Law can be a difficult process for anyone. Make sure you have an aggressive civil attorney.

If you have been hurt in an accident it is critical to obtain competent counsel to insure that your rights as a victim are secure and protected. It is very difficult to deal with the physical and emotional hardship of being injured in an accident. Once injured you may have difficulty returning to work or simply engaging in the tasks of everyday life. Therefore it is of the upmost importance that you obtain counsel that can represent your interest when negotiating with an insurance company or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against the party that is responsible for your injury.


You must find an attorney that you can trust and depend on in such a very difficult time in your life. It is very important that you are able to trust your attorney because you will be required to make very difficult decisions based primarily on your attorney’s advice. You should sit down and meet with your attorney to express your, needs wants and desires regarding your case. Your attorney should be up front and honest with you about the prospects of your case and all of the risks involved with the various options that you have going forward.



For example often times a greater financial settlement can be obtained by going to trial, however trial presents several risks and complications. First whenever a plaintiff relinquishes control of the outcome of their case and place the outcome in the hand of a jury there is a risk that the jury could come back with a verdict in favor of the defendant or awarding less then what the plaintiff is seeking. In addition, after a jury trial the defendant can pursue an appeal of the jury verdict that could further delay the plaintiff actually recovering the awarded damages.


In any Personal Injury Case Time is of the essence, because once an injury is suffered the statue of limitation begins to toll and the tolling of the statue of limitations can bar your recovery of the damages that you need to make yourself whole. In addition, it is important to make sure that you contact an attorney soon after your injury because if you prematurely agree to a settlement you may be barred from further recovery of damages from the insurance company or the person responsible for your injuries. It is important to insure that you are able to pay for your medical bills and obtain the highest quality of life possible after your injury. This can best be obtained through the efforts of a diligent and competent attorney.


Furthermore, you need an attorney who is primarily concerned with insuring that you have the best possible result in your case. Some attorneys will try to get you to quickly settle your case so that they can get paid with minimal efforts on your behalf. Although, Cases can often be resolved through negotiations, you need an attorney who is not afraid of the courtroom. You need an attorney who is willing to fight for you through extended courtroom litigation if that is what is required to insure that you receive a just result. Attorney Donte T. Wyatt is at home in the court room. Attorney Wyatt has tried numerous jury trials to verdict and knows what it takes to win before a jury of your peers.

Family Law is a difficult area of practice because of the emotions that are inherently involved is the dissolution of a marriage or in the negotiating of child custody issues. Therefore it is critical to hire an attorney that not only knows the law, but will fight vigorously for you as you traverse this difficult part of your life.


Communication is very important. One of the biggest complaints by people represented by attorneys is the lack of communication. Attorney Donte T. Wyatt believes that communication is a critical part of the attorney client relationship. He will do everything in his power to insure that you are always informed of the status and progress of your case. Attorney Donte T. Wyatt is an experienced litigator and negotiator that will defend your interest and aggressively present your case.


When a person is wrongfully terminated or is required to work in a hostile work environment it can have a corrosive effect on other parts of their life. They are often frustrated and that additional stress can negatively affect their personal life and their interpersonal relationships with others. Therefore it is important to attempt to efficiently resolve the issue so that the person can return their focus to other endeavors. Employment law issues can be resolved through negotiations, administrative hearing and ultimately through litigation. Like other civil law issues it is important to contact an attorney early during this process to insure that your interest is adequately represented and your rights are protected. 


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